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We are a different AI company. See how our LearnCloud brings together your entire enterprise to operate on the same “information plane” towards an exponential increase in efficiency.


Jenny is responsible for customers at Acme Corp

Jenny feels she is driving blind.
She realizes the ground truth but often it is too late. The information is spread across multiple applications & systems. Even when available, it does not help her look into the future so that she can act & save the day


Sarah is a Support professional at Acme Corp

Sarah feels she has her hands tied behind her back.
She has to manually process each & every issue. Her job is tedious and inconsistent. She is not able to leverage patterns across issues & across support professionals.


John is a salesperson at Acme Corp

John is frustrated with antiquated tools & late arriving insights
He has to manually scour the internet for information about his prospects & their changing strategies. He has to talk to many people to understand the state of the customer. By the time he understands the current state, it is often too late to prevent abandonment or drive the expansion

People like them encounter these problems all the time which causes frustration and attrition for them and their customers. How does this happen?


Separate tools for CRM, Sales & Support

Fragmented data, no single version of truth, unaligned teams


Legacy apps unsuitable for AI-driven predictions

Unable to leverage predictions, forecasts, classifications


Missing feedback loops

Learning & improvement impossible. Iteration & experimentation implausible


Internal & External Information Untapped & Unmanageable

Missed opportunities, connections & insights


Fragmented Customer Profiles

Personalization, behavior analysis & prediction including segmentation not possible



  • Each team has a separate, distinct relationships with the same customer
  • Each team is isolatedly focussed on increasing customer satisfaction
  • Each team is investing in point solutions that create a new generation of fragmentation & silos
  • Multiple local optimizations fall short of global, meaningful change at the enterprise level

How It Should Be

It is imperative that customer management, sales & support understand & empathize with the customer to a degree that hasn’t been possible previously

The apps available in the market today are insufficient & adequate

Designed with a comprehensive customer mindset

AI powered apps have been custom designed to disrupt the entire customer journey management

Custom AI powered Apps have been designed for most service oriented industries


Interactions & Content

Email, Chat, Phone, News, Documents


Interactions & Content

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Interactions & Content

Interactions & Content

  • Interactions & Content

    Email, Chat, Phone News, Documents

  • Tickets

    IT & Business Service Tickets

  • Customer Experience

    Surveys, OmniChannel, NPS Usage, Support, Relationships

  • Customer Journey

    Life cycle, Lifetime Value, Subscription Health

  • Service Domains

We heard from several enterprise CIOs

Purchasing multiple AI point solutions is not a feasible long-term strategy.

CIOs need an enterprise AI architecture that enables inhouse AI App development


Jack is an Data Scientist at Acme Corp

Jack is extremely frustrated, unable to deliver business value

  • He is not able to get access to enterprise data easily
  • He is not able to operationalize his models trained over various training platforms
  • He does not have visibility to his AI models in production due to missing feedback loops
  • He is not able to test, validate & monitor his AI models in production in real time.

Jill is an App Developer at Acme Corp

Jill is unhappy and feels unproductive & stagnated

  • She is not able to build apps especially those that leverage AI
  • The data she needs is fragmented, in silos and hard to access
  • She has to wait weeks for getting compute
  • She is not able to experiment on production for fear of breaking production
  • She is not able to create real-time apps that leverage AI to route, notify, trigger workflows or expose AI output as APIs, Dashboards or Alerts

Building auto learning apps is not possible with today’s technology

It requires a fresh approach to an enterprise AI platform


25X Faster ROI
1/10 Cost

The LearnCloud Experience



Through apps operating on the same information plane


Moving towards the same goals powered by a single version of the truth


Fast, iterative execution powered by business critical information


Creating new business value powered by technology


Aware of critical internal & external information & predictions

Experience the difference

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