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AI designed specifically for the financial services industry

Focussing on servicing client inquiries swiftly with the highest quality including inquiries for financial strategy, account balance, financial positions, and transaction statuses.


Relevant information & content

Financial Services AI scans and processes internal and external content discovering and delivering content relevant for users and clients. Our AI extracts signals from internal events and content and correlates them with external signals and content. 

External trends such as market sentiment, market behavior, financial filings, market signals are correlated with key enterprise markets and such patterns highlighted and leveraged in enterprise prediction models.




Client Interaction Classification 

Financial Services AI automatically classifies client inquiries into one of inquiry, service request, complaint or incident report. It further classifies into subcategories to determine client intent.


Automated routing & notifications

The client inquiry AI-driven classifications trigger routing to downstream services or teams. Financial Services AI is an auto-learning app i.e. it learns from user behavior and updates the AI to make it increasingly accurate & smarter.


Smart recommendations for resolutions

Financial Services AI analyzes and processes internal events and documents and external signals and documents such as news articles, press releases, SEC filings, patent filings etc to offer the most relevant, contextual information required by clients and employees servicing these clients.

Financial advisors, client managers are able to leverage Financial Services AI to go above & beyond and offer their clients deep, thoughtful, comprehensive advice.


Faster resolutions with service automations

Financial Services AI connects with your enterprise services and workflows and automatically, in real-time executes searches, document retrieval, API call or workflows to service the client request driven by AI-based classification & routing.

Simplifying financial services

Financial Services AI is designed to simplify financial services and make financial services providers, advisors and employees across front office, middle office and back office more efficient and informed. Automation, document retrieval, enterprise search driven by AI enable a new, unparallel, previously not possible class of service possible for clients.


Seamless Integration

Seamless integration into your team solutions and with all of the AI company product suite


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