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The Future of Enterprise AI

Today’s Enterprises are Obsolete in the age of A.I


Jenny is responsible for customers at Acme Corp

Jenny feels she is driving blind.
She realizes the ground truth but often it is too late. The information is spread across multiple applications & systems. Even when available, it does not help her look into the future so that she can act & save the day


Sarah is a Support professional at Acme Corp

Sarah feels she has her hands tied behind her back.
She has to manually process each & every issue. Her job is tedious and inconsistent. She is not able to leverage patterns across issues & across support professionals.


John is a salesperson at Acme Corp

John is frustrated with antiquated tools & late arriving insights
He has to manually scour the internet for information about his prospects & their changing strategies. He has to talk to many people to understand the state of the customer. By the time he understands the current state, it is often too late to prevent abandonment or drive the expansion

Let’s take a step back

You’ll need to build a data lake when you want to extract value from your data by leveraging AI.


However, almost all data lake initiatives fail

The reality is enterprises always focus on non-ROI generating activities and it’ll take multiple years & millions of dollars to make it done



Vendor and open source software


Upgrade & Maintenance

New hardware, software & process



of the data lake


Abandoned & Unaddressed

Data Blind Data Load


We’ve got you covered

The Ai Company have the most advanced AI Operationalization product that instantly lets you cross the AI chasm towards concrete business value


AI Operationalization for Enterprise AI Transformation


How It Works



Connect enterprise events to LearnCloud


Integrate Enterprise Data & Services with LearnCloud


Configure Real-Time AI Prediction driven Actions

Experience the difference

AI is not one size fits all. Talk to us see how we can help you define your AI journey.

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