Are you AI-First?

An AI-First company is an enterprise that has transformed to believe and understand the incredible and disruptive potential of Artificial Intelligence. Such an enterprise not only sees the value [...]

The Long & Short Of An AI Strategy

Much has and needs to be said about an enterprise’s AI strategy. Artificial Intelligence or AI is considered a fundamentally disruptive technology similar to the steam engine, electricity [...]

Future Proofing for Agility

A lot has been said about agility and the need for enterprises looking to innovate and disrupt to build agility. Agility, at the same time, also gets confused with the process of scrum. Small and [...]

Can you transform into a tech company?

Transforming into a tech company has become top of mind for executives in all major industries. It is clear that modern technology will fundamentally alter what and how business is done in every [...]

APIs are Dead, Long Live APIs

Modern, RESTful APIs are not considered standard, table stakes and expected out of any new project, effort, application, system, service or product. It has become so normal to talk about [...]

Beware of the integration!

Enterprises have to constantly decide, at every step in their digital journey, should they build or buy. This question often is posed as a critical, do or die decision and the answer varies on a [...]

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