The Value of Information Flows

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Enterprises are often aware of the value of information to an enterprise. This is evident from the multiple news sources that are syndicated, content such as market research, publications and data sets that are purchased and made available to employees and the custom data providers that are leveraged to get employees access to the required information.

However, acquisition, simply, is not enough. Enterprises need to consider and optimize the flow of information in their organization, between teams, across teams and from the employee to the customer. Information flows have a direct impact on the organization’s reaction time, agility, and efficiency.

What is the Information Flow

Information flow is defined as the flow of information between the producer of the information to the consumer that needs to consume this information. Good information flow is defined as the timely, in time, relevant flow of information that is easy to discover, be notified of and consume. Information flow is key to maximizing the potential of information across an enterprise. Similar to a search problem, the key ideas here are similar to the quality metrics of any search problem i.e. Precision and Recall. Precision is defined as the fraction of information delivered to a team or an employee or a customer that is indeed relevant and useful. Recall is defined as the fraction of information delivered to a team or an employee or a customer out of the entire set of relevant and useful information. Information flow ensures that all relevant users are able to access the information, in time, at the fidelity required to easily incorporate the information in their organization.

Key Hurdles to Information Flow 

There are several hurdles that lead to less than efficient information flows in an enterprise.

Silo’d Organizations

Organization that setup walls between teams face incredibly inefficient information flows. Symptoms include different parts of the enterprise purchasing the same information or different parts of the enterprise recreating the same analysis or delivery in parallel there by reducing the resources available to actually drive value from the information. Silo’d organizations tend to be very secretive about their data confusing the data as the IP rather than the analysis and usage. 

Information Overdose

Another key problem often faced by enterprises is that of Information Overdose. When careful attention is not paid to information relevancy problem, employees and customers can face a deluge of information and can get paralyzed by the time and effort required to understand, interpret and leverage the information. Due to the volume of information involved, users are typically not able to cover the entire set and, inadvertently, loose out potential value.

Variation in Interpretability

Even though more pronounced in silo’d organizations, this problem of a variance in how different parts of the enterprise consume and interpret information is also something that can cause the organization to become misaligned and devise a different set of strategies and tactics eventually leading to an inefficient organization. Variations in interpretation can cause problems that can range from benign to severe depending on the context and the environment in which the decision is being taken.

Optimizing Information Flows

In an ideal world, every user, customer, and the employee receives the information they need along with metadata that describes the information and helps with appropriate interpretations, effortlessly, on demand and automatically. To achieve this state, enterprises need to define their required information flows and connect the right information to the right user depending on the user’s personalized, customized, temporal information requirements. Equally important to delivering the relevant information on time is ensuring that non-relevant information is never allowed to distract the user. This requires a very clear definition of the information requirements for each employee, user and customer and building capabilities that ensure only that information is delivered.

The AI Company’s NewsRxR product, powered by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing leverages TensorFlow and is designed to connect to the enterprise’s information flows and ensure that only the correct information is delivered along with metadata that aids in interpretation to the appropriate users and employees. Talk to us to see how we can help you optimize your information flows.

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