Future Proofing for Agility

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A lot has been said about agility and the need for enterprises looking to innovate and disrupt to build agility. Agility, at the same time, also gets confused with the process of scrum. Small and large teams get enamored with the idea of scrum and mistake the process with the state of being agile. This is often more detrimental to the enterprise and can often create more process and not enough real agility.

What is Agility

Agility is the efficiency with which an enterprise executes and delivers on its objectives and goals. Agility is the ability to react to changes in goals, feedback from customers and shifts in strategy. Agility, from the outside, looks like a predictable stream of value delivered by the enterprise that matches and exceeds the needs of the customer. Organizational agility requires agility at multiple levels within the enterprise to drive the insights that can channel and align the efforts of the entire organization by leveraging data and information to make quick and informed decisions.

Business Agility

Business and customer-facing employees need to achieve “Business Agility”. This is the ability of these employees to react to business critical in real time if needed and have access to the latest information at any decision point. Business Agility enables users to reduce the latency or lag between a need in the market or of the customers and when they are able to service the need.

Decision Agility

Analysts and data scientists creating the insights to drive decisions require “Decision Agility” i.e the ability to easily discover, leverage and use data for analytics and insights through any and multiple tools and channels. Analysts and data scientists need to produce insights that reduce the time and effort required to convert data into information and insights that are required to drive key decisions and actions.

Development Agility

Application developers and data engineers need the ability to easily generate, collect, access and deliver data to where consumers can find and leverage it. They need a simple interface regardless of the size and format of their data and requires capabilities that simplify data transformation and enrichment. In addition, developers need compute and network on-demand services that reduce the wait time between them being asked to build a solution and the time when they are able to release that solution to the end users.

Future Proof for Agility

The organization needs to future proof itself to ensure that it continuously has the ability to be agile and deliver solutions required by the customers. Future proofing requires the platforms in the enterprise to be continuously optimized and upgraded to enable access to the latest technology and capabilities that reduce the time to build and deliver solutions to customers. The access to well designed, best in class platforms is not a one-time requirement and the enterprise needs to constantly improve and enhance the platform experience for their employees to best prepare them to be agile and responsive.

The AI Company offers the platform that future proofs organization agility while ensuring that the platform is constantly evolving to increase agility and responsiveness. Talk to us to see how we can help.

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