Are you AI-First?

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An AI-First company is an enterprise that has transformed to believe and understand the incredible and disruptive potential of Artificial Intelligence. Such an enterprise not only sees the value but can see the destructive impact of being left behind. An AI-First Company understands that it might not know all the answers but realizes that it needs to seek out a path forward with AI or risk being marginalized.

Key Characteristics of an AI-First Company

A-First companies might not be any different from their previous form but think and act differently. Here are some key characteristics of such companies.

Approach to Problems and Planning

An AI-First company evolves its approach to problems. AI-First companies realize that determining the existence of a problem and selecting the most consequential problems is a function of data and analytics. An AI-First company invests in building predictive mechanisms that can signal current or upcoming problems including the severity and priority of these problems. Building these predictive mechanisms becomes the first step in determining how and when to prepare for problems or upcoming issues. In addition, these companies leverage news and information that is generated inside and outside the enterprise as it is generated and ensure that their employees and customers have access to the insights embedded in the news and information.

Approach to Products and Product Development

An AI-First company understands how a prediction or classification could help them deliver a better solution to a problem faced by their customers and how their existing products can be adapted or new products created that change behavior based on the predictions and classifications. Enterprises that understand the power of AI ensure that data scientists come part of the core product ideation and development team with a heavy influence and voice in the product experience, interface, and architecture. In addition, these companies embark on a company-wide training effort to ensure that all functions understand and are prepared to leverage AI be it support, marketing, sales, product, engineering or operations.

Approach to Customer Experience

An AI-First company ensures that customer experience is clearly driven through intelligence and deep understanding of the customer, their past behavior, their expected needs, determined intents and adapts accordingly to provide the best in class experience for the user. These companies leverage AI to ensure that they their customer touch points are seamless, efficient and minimize the roadblocks faced by the users. When a user has a bad experience, AI-First companies are able to use AI to determine and understand the problem of the user and either automatically address the problems or ensures that the employees have all the information such as the user’s sentiment, their intent, the type of issue and the expected resolution at their fingertips and are able to easily and efficiently address the user’s issues.

The AI Company’s platform and products have the ability to transform you into an AI-First company. We are an AI-First company ourselves with AI being leveraged across our entire stack. Talk to use to see how we can help.

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