The road to Digital Transformation is long, unpaved and full of dangers

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Digital Transformation has become a necessity for enterprises in every vertical, sector and industry. Software is indeed eating the world and there is no industry that cannot ignore the burning necessity of transforming to a software driven organization.

However, the road to digital transformation is long, unpaved and full of dangers. It is a road that most enterprises that are embarking on it have never encountered. These organizations realize that their ultimate survival depends on navigating this road but are hesitant, unsure and scared because this transformation requires competencies, culture and an approach that is alien and unknown. Though, traditional IT departments have always been part of such organizations, they have always been looked upon as plumbing that ultimately is only relevant in the background to keep the lights on.

Faced with impending doom, organizations have no choice but to rethink their IT. This is not simply an initiative in the IT team. CEOs and CFOs need to rethink what and how software can and will disrupt their companies. Business and IT need to come together to have a joint software driven experience strategy and needs to be prioritized by the CEO and funded, for the long term by the CFO.

Do you need to think about a Digital Transformation strategy? If you answer YES to any of the questions below, you should.

  1. Are your teams, data, and systems fragmented? 

  2. Are your key processes fragmented, manual? (for example, Onboarding, Decision Making, Incident Management, Support)

  3. Is your data of low-quality data (customer profile, transactions, glossary, documents)

  4. Is your regulatory compliance inconsistent and more a matter of luck than planning? 

  5. Could your customer relationship, lifecycle, performance management be better?

  6. Could the information flow in your organization be matured? 

  7. Do you have a weak understanding of internal and external events and how they impact your business?

We will cover these topics in depth in future blog posts. Meanwhile, contact us to see how we can bootstrap your digital transformation.

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