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We believe in a world where AI is second nature to the enterprise where all enterprise decisions, actions & strategy is driven by real-time, scaled-out AI. We believe in a world where 1000s of AI models power the enterprise making it more agile, innovative, nimble and profitable.

We see the enterprise as a set of real-time events: From IT events to HR events to Legal events to Sales events to Product development events to Customer events. Each of these events can be enhanced with AI to make it richer, informative and actionable.

We believe in the AI-driven enterprise.

The A.I. Company’s mission is to make all enterprises AI-first.

The future of all enterprise software is “predictive”. New enterprise apps have to be AI-driven and existing software needs to be refactored to leverage AI. Enterprises need to focus on building & using business-value generating apps, not on the underlying technology, platforms & integration. 

The current market is focussed on enabling AI training. However, the biggest barrier to AI-first is operationalization of AI & the improvement of AI once it has been operationalized. This is a massive gap in the market and a very large investment opportunity.

The A.I. Company was founded to fill this gap in the market and enable enterprises across sectors, industries, shapes & sizes to leverage AI at scale in their businesses.

Unlike other AI vendors that offer point solutions to local problems, The A.I. Company’s LearnCloud platform enhances enterprise data sharing, availability of on-demand compute, real-time actionability and pace of digital transformation & programmability. 

The AI Company’s App Store offers an extensive collection of “auto-learning” applications for multiple enterprise requirements across several industries.

Our Values

The AI Company was born out of the frustration of enterprises having to spend millions of dollars on third-party software that does not integrate well, forces fragmentation, creates new silos and bleeds scare resources.

We believe in conserving enterprise resources in the hope that these savings are passed on to the end users and customers.


We value yours, your customer’s and your employee’s privacy. Unlike other SaaS companies, we will never use your data to service another customer of ours.


We aim to deliver incredible amounts of value. This is why we include an extensive AI model library, multiple AI Apps from our App Store and capabilities that enable digital transformation, data maturity, on-demand compute, automated AI training & blockchains into the cost of our AI app development platform.


We will massively speed up your enterprise. We guarantee that you will produce more apps, better apps, and more valuable apps. Our focus on speed will reduce the cost of experimentation, reduce the risk and make you more nimble, agile and innovative.

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